“I have now had the pleasure to know Alison for over a year. We met attending the professional investor training year-long course with Susannah Cole. On a weekly basis, we had conference calls together and on a monthly basis, we spent entire weekends learning from a very strong group of people. Alison really stood out as one of the strongest and continually brought a lot to the group.

But it was really from doing a joint venture together, that I could really see the strengths of Alison. She especially brought a very creative aspect and a can-do attitude to the table. She is such a team player.

Going on from this, I have been very impressed with the projects she has recently done and is currently working on.

I highly recommend Alison and her wonderful company, Brookthorn Property.”

Peter Mare

Key to Doors

“Alison has been an exceptional landlady in every aspect. I have always had an open and honest direct line of communication with her, which is a rare find when dealing with landlords in general. The way she deals with requests from us has always been fair yet efficient. Problems get solved and a good rapport has been established with Alison. I would highly recommend working with Alison if you want a hassle free and happy tenancy.”

Alicia and Ryan


“Very professional, proactive project management. Alison delivered a result that exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be a returning customer.”

Sandy McGilvray

JV Investor