About Us

Brookthorn Property was founded by Alison Brooks. Alison comes from a family of renowned estate agents, Brooks & Michaels in Cape Town, and has spent nearly 30 years managing multi-million pound finance and mortgage projects.

Over the last 15 years, Alison has been successful in the UK property market, buying at auction, managing property upgrades and achieving good returns on capital invested.

Alison says, ‘Years of management experience have helped me develop and manage a network of trusted construction and property professionals with a great work ethic and a high attention to detail.

‘We are building a strong reputation of sourcing excellent value properties on behalf of investors, refurbishing them and generating solid returns.

‘I look forward to helping you take an exciting step into the UK property market .’


The Brookthorn Property team of associates include:


Elliot Bunker (www.elliotbunker.co.uk) offers our investors a seamless accountancy service, from registering you as a non-resident landlord, to setting you up as a limited company. The company also advises on UK tax requirements.


Laura Strange provides a full bookkeeping service to record and track investment transactions and work with your accountant.


Wards Solicitors (www.wards.uk.com) are based in Bristol and help our investors with many aspects of buying, selling and letting property.


Simon Conn (www.simonconn.com) can pre-approve clients for mortgages exceeding £100,000 on single properties.

Rental and property management

Sue Sadler Properties (www.suesadlerproperties.co.uk) specialise in properties in Bristol and the surrounding area and are very familiar with the local rental market.