What is buy-to-Let?

Where you purchase a property and lease it to professionals or families. Usually the property is chosen for its location before being refurbished and rented out, providing you with the rental income.

What is buy-to-sell?

Where you purchase a property and refurbish it to add value, before selling at a profit. We aim to add a mark-up of 20%, which is shared equally between both partners.

What type of return could we be getting?

In Bristol or Manchester and surrounding areas , investors are looking for a 5% + net yield.

What type of property do you look for?

We look for properties in good locations that we can renovate and add value to. We work closely with the developer to decide the best approach for each property.

Do you work with many banks?

Yes, we work with the lender that will provide us and our investors with the finance required.

Please note that if you are not resident in the UK (even if you have a UK or EU passport), banks will only lend on purchases over £100,000 (and a maximum 60% loan to value).

How long do we hold onto the property for?

It depends on your financial goals. A buy-to-sell provides a short-term cash injection, whereas a buy-to-let can add to your retirement fund over the longer term.